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What kind of fish can I have in my pond?

The answer will depend on the size of the pond.  Koi require larger ponds with adequate water volume and depth as they can grow to large sizes in just a few years.  Koi also are known to nibble on water lilies which may be undesirable to some.  Fancy tail gold fish are hardy and can be in ponds smaller than that of Koi.  They also do not tend to eat on your submersible plants.  Both kinds of fish will add beauty to any system, just make sure the system is big enough for your new friends.  

Does my pond need monthly maintenance?

The simple answer here is yes.  Whether it is the pond owner or a company like Koi Boi Ponds, somebody has to do it,  Plants can quickly become out of control and need to be trimmed back as well as dead plant debris pulled from the water column.  Water Falls and rock bubblers need to be scrubbed down to prevent algae growth from slowing down or altering your falls route into the pond.  Lastly, testing your water quality is essential to ensuring your fish's health, testing your water allows you to know something is wrong before it is to late.  So if you aren't a do it your self type when it comes to ponds, let Koi Boi Ponds do all the heavy lifting for you.

What type of plants help filter the water?

Marginal or Bog Plants are worker bees in your pond.  Their roots are constantly at work pulling nutrients out of your water column.  Because of this marginal plants rarely need to be fertilized.  Marginals prefer to be submerged just an inch or two over their pot.  They are usually placed on the ponds first plant shelf.

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